• Pack

magnetic bookmarks set "Partridges"

65 uah

Instead of 105

3 magnetic bookmarks in the set

size of folded bookmark - 1 x 3 in

glossy lamination

©2014 Oksana Bula

This pack contains

magnetic bookmark "Tukoni of white Partridges"
35 uah
x 1
magnetic bookmark "Tukoni of grey Partridges"
35 uah
x 1
magnetic bookmark "Tukoni of quail Partridges"
35 uah
x 1

Well, who doesn't like gifts?

It's a real feast on the birthday of all the tukoni in the forest. Probably someone will even receive the book as a gift.

And the book needs good bookmarks. Reading becomes unforgettable with Oak Tukoni, Moss, Moth, Racoon, Starry Hare and the Andromeda Manatee.

Please pay attention:

* there is no the watermark with a logo on the real product

* the shades that you see on the screen may differ from the actual shades of the subject due to the individual color reproduction of each monitor.

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