Bison Looks For A Nest

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Year of publication: 2016
Number of pages: 40
Weight: 390 g
Size: 220x290 mm
Language: Ukrainian

©2014 Oksana Bula

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All important cases in the forest are handled by amazing tukoni. Here they are now preparing to visit the animals that going to sleep in the winter. Tukoni put them to beds and try to ensure them all the necessary things.

But there are animals that do not sleep in winter. The Bison is used to walk around on the snow in search of food. He didn't even know that he can take a nap in a den when there is frosty outside. Until one day he has met The Bear, who was just preparing to fall asleep...

This warm and touching story about The Bison tells how it all turned out and what a great skill is listening to yourself and others. It's the first book about forest habitants.

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