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Calendar 2021

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01 - The year 2021 will be held under the auspices of the Bison! We will meet him in January

02 - Tukoni of the hazel. He wakes up early in the spring when snow is still on the ground

03 - Sometimes between the willow catkins you can find a tiny willow tukoni in a silver coat

04 - As soon as the apple tree is covered with flowers, look for the maybug. He will not miss the opportunity to sit between large flowers with a cup of tea

05 - Lilac tukoni meets May in floral outfit

06 - Summer is a time of meadow grasses. Lemonia Dumi lives among the thickets of the hawkweed

07 - Comet Neowise recently visited our solar system. And the Great Bear helped to find it

08 - Traveler the tukoni has laid out a festive tea set and is waiting for friends.

09 - You can find Ptarmigan the tukoni and his friends among the partridge berry

10 - The Boar teaches Traveler the tukoni how to find a mushrooms

11 - In November, the sun rays are especially beautiful. It's time to contemplate the colorful forest paintings

12 - Tukoni of Rowan meets winter

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